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Visiting During B.C. COVID-19 Restrictions

Contact [email protected] to arrange a Social Visit.

Masks still required – even after July 1st

Although Step 3 of BC’s Restart Plan starts July 1st in the community, Long Term Care homes are still governed by the Ministry of Health directives for Infection Prevention and Control, and by the BC Visitor Guideline. At this time, there are no changes to these directives for visitors to Blenheim Lodge. Masks and health screening continue to be required for all visitors. Thank-you for your patience and understanding.


  • Social Visit
    • For social time, to support the resident’s emotional well-being;
    • Discretionary and usually periodic times;
    • Not for providing healthcare or health support to the resident.
  • Essential Visit
    • To meet a specific essential need that cannot be met without the essential visit.
      • For compassionate care, including critical illness, palliative/end-of-life care;
      • For assistance with feeding, mobility, personal care, or communication;
      • To support decision-making;
      • To move belongings in/out of a resident’s room;
    • Limited to one visitor per resident within the facility at a time (except for palliative/end-of-life care);
    • Not a Social Visit;
    • May be permitted during an active COVID-19 outbreak.

General Rules for Social Visits or Social Outings

  1. Number of Visitors:  For indoor visits, a maximum of two adult visitors and one child is permitted.  Outdoor visits must align with current Public Health Officer guidance on outdoor gatherings for the public.  Residents may have different visitors for different visits.
  1. Pre-scheduled:  Social Visits must be scheduled in advance between the visitor and Blenheim Lodge.  Contact [email protected] to arrange a visit.  The frequency of visits will depend on the preference of the resident and visitor, and on the operational needs and resources of Blenheim Lodge.  Provincial guidelines allow for at least 60 minutes of visiting time per visit.  New residents may also have Social Visitors.
  1. Screening:  Prior to every visit (indoor and outdoor), each visitor must enter at the Reception Lobby door (from the parking lot) and be screened for signs and symptoms of illness, including COVID-19.  Visitors will also sign in for contact tracing purposes.  Visitors with signs or symptoms of illness, as well as those in self-isolation or quarantine in accordance with public health directives, will not be permitted to visit.
  1. PPE and Hygiene:  Visitors must comply fully with direction from Blenheim Lodge staff to perform hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, safe physical distancing, and wearing a facemask.  Blenheim Lodge will supply a new medical-grade mask during the screening process.  If a visitor is unable or unwilling to adhere to these required precautions, the visit will not proceed.  Face masks must be warn inside the building at all times.
  1. Physical contact:  The resident and their Social Visitor are permitted to touch as long as the following safeguards are implemented:
    • Sitting less than 2 metres apart is permitted if masks are worn by both;
    • Embracing, kissing, and holding the hand of the resident is allowed if strict hand hygiene and appropriate cough/sneeze etiquette is followed, and masks are worn by both the resident and the Social Visitor.
  1. Post-visit:  The Social Visitor must:
    • Leave the Lodge immediately after the visit and not engage with others inside;
    • Perform hand hygiene immediately before exiting the Lodge;
    • Doff (take off) their mask outside the Lodge;
    • Perform hand hygiene again after doffing their mask.

Social Visits (at the Lodge)

  1. Visit Locations:  Depending on the weather, the resident/visitor preference, and at the discretion of the Blenheim Lodge Care Team, a Social Visit will take place in (a) a corner of the patio off the dining room, or (b) an indoor room arranged for meetings, or (c) the resident’s room.  Visitors will be informed of the visit location during scheduling, but the location is subject to change for operational reasons.
  1. To/From the Visit:  Blenheim Lodge staff will escort the visitor directly from the front entrance to the meeting location.  The visitor is expected to return directly to the front entrance after the visit.  Visitors must not stop to interact with other residents or staff.  The face mask must be correctly worn at all times while in the Lodge.
  1. During the visit:  Lodge staff will not closely monitor the visit, but the visitor is expected to adhere to all infection control protocols they have been informed of and must wear the face mask correctly throughout the visit.
  1. Duration of the visit:  Each visit will be scheduled for at least 60 minutes if desired.  The resident’s health and operational needs may limit the duration of a visit.
  1. Sanitizing:  The high-touch surfaces in communal visiting locations will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each visit.  Time for this is accounted for in the scheduling process.  Surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected according to the BC Centre for Disease Control Infection Prevention and Control COVID-19 Guidance for long-term care.
  1. In case of outbreak:  Social visits will be allowed if there is no active COVID-19 outbreak in Blenheim Lodge.  They will cease immediately if an outbreak is declared and the Lodge goes into active outbreak management.  Social visits will resume as soon as the outbreak is declared over.
  1. Gifts, Flowers, and Food:  A visitor may bring in gifts, flowers, and food for the resident provided the following is understood and complied with:
    • A maximum of one container of snack food may be brought in;
    • Home-cooked or purchased foods are permitted;
    • Food must be in a container with a wipe-able surface and Lodge staff must sanitize the container before the visit;
    • Check with Lodge staff (ideally, when you schedule your appointment) for any safety cautions or restrictions the resident has about food;
    • The resident (not the visitor) may consume the food during the visit;
    • Blenheim Lodge will not store food for later consumption – fridges and re-heating are not available.
  1. Pets:  Visitors may bring in behaved pets on a leash.  Pets are not permitted in the dining rooms and the pet must be restricted to the resident they are visiting.  The pet must not be actively ill.

Social Outings

  1. Independent residents:  Any resident who has the physical and cognitive capacity to leave the Lodge independently will be permitted to do so in the company of the Social Visitor.
  1. Dependent residents:  A resident who cannot leave independently due to insufficient decision-making capacity and/or mobility reasons may leave the facility with the assistance of their Social Visitor.  If the resident requires assistance from staff, appropriate arrangements and an extra charge will apply.
  1. During the outing:  The resident and their Social Visitor are expected to adhere to all current Public Health Orders regarding gatherings in the community, and to take appropriate measures to reduce potential transmission of COVID-19, including, but not limited to:
    • Maintain a distance of two metres from others;
    • Wearing PPE – Blenheim Lodge will provide a medical-grade facemask to the resident and their Social Visitor.  The masks are to be worn throughout the outing. (Masks may be removed only if outdoors and you are able to maintain the 2 meters distance.)  Both the resident and the visitor must engage in frequent hand hygiene.